Your Biggest Questions About 'Be Extraordinary' With Vishen Lakhiani


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When you ponder the question, “What is reality?” What vision’s come to mind?

If it’s love and happiness and a successful career, allowing yourself to go on your very consciousness evolution journey, your personal growth will achieve all you have ever wanted.

Whatever your self-development goals are, Mindvalley CEO Vishen Lakhiani, informs us that positive meditation and spiritual motivation are the main factors that can make you feel completely limitless.

In this video, “Your Biggest Questions About ‘Be Extraordinary’,” Vishen Lakhiani hosts a Q&A and answers the most frequently asked questions about the program and how it will open the doors to an extraordinary life.

00:23 How do I know which state of consciousness am I at?
01:44 How is Becoming Limitless different from the book, The Code of the Extraordinary Mind?
02:25 Would I be able to manage this program with a busy routine?
03:04 What’s the difference between meditation, creative visualization, and becoming limitless?
03:45 How can this particular course help me if I’m already familiar with the field of personal growth?
04:30 What if I don’t have a vision for the future?
05:08 Is it too late for me to change?

Vishen Lakhiani believes that through positive meditation you can become limitless and ultimately achieve your pursuit of happiness.

To embrace an attitude of gratitude and tap into your intuition to learn productivity tips with the world’s greatest minds in business, by signing up for Vishen Lakhiani’s Bend Reality Masterclass for FREE ?

Vishen Lakhiani is the CEO of Mindvalley and the author of “The Code Of The Extraordinary Mind.” Vishen’s active lifestyle keeps him on his toes all the time. While travelling around the world, he applies Consciousness Engineering in his daily routine and Mindvalley business. He is also part of the Innovation Board of the X-Prize Foundation and an active philanthropist.

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