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Are your healthy food recipes actually unhealthy? That’s a shocking question. Right? Well, Ronan answers it in this video.

The idea of a healthy diet and clean eating has been used too much and become a great marketing tactic. But the real question we need to be asking ourselves is: “What’s my idea of healthy eating, or a healthy diet?”

Because you’ll soon realize that what someone else calls healthy might not necessarily be healthy. Your diet also might not be somebody else’s idea of health. Ronan addresses issues like how to determine what healthy eating means, how to eat healthy and other issues that come with a healthy diet such as orthorexia.

The three main problems of healthy eating Ronan talks about in this video are:
[2:14] There’s no real definition of healthy eating
[2:56] Healthy eating is just a high value marketing expression
[4:45]Some people develop an obsession with healthy eating – a condition called orthorexia.

Did you know about these problems that exist in clean eating? Watch this video to find out even more.

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