Mindset That Helps Entrepreneurs Survive The Race with Joel Primus


In this episode of Honest Conversations with an entrepreneur, speaker and coach, Joel Primus, we are discussing entrepreneurial mindset. It was a beautiful, heartfelt, raw, philosophical and deep conversation about business as it is in real life.

In this conversation we discuss:
* What is a more sustainable motivation in business, desire to prove yourself or your mission?
* How your life’s defining moments shape your business?
* Picking up boulders (challenges) and which boulders are worth picking?
* Learning from mistakes.
* When you are in a dark streak, how to understand if you need to keep going or change direction?
* Having emotional attachment to your business and how to take yourself out of the equation?

It was an unusually real and candid conversation and Joel shares some very personal experiences here:
* What pushed him to start Naked Underwear.
* Surviving rejection on Shark Tank, live on TV, while wearing only underwear (of his own production)
Losing his company, his wife’s support and his good friend… and reinventing himself and his business in the process.

Watch this episode, share your thoughts and leave some love for my guest ❤️

About my guest:

Joel Primus is an entrepreneur, speaker, coach and formerly a world class athlete. As a former elite long distance runner, he represented Canada at the World Youth Games.

Joel is an entrepreneur at heart and enjoys working with other entrepreneurs. He gets a thrill out of building companies. In 2008 he started Naked and after 10 years sold that business. Joel is a film-maker and has made a documentary about the importance of travel as a way of educating children to become citizens of the world. Joel is an international speaker and an author of a book “Getting Naked”.

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