Transference Healing® in Cheshire (including Chester, Frodsham, Northwich, Ellesmere Port, Wirral)

Frodsham, Cheshire West and Chester WA6 6TP, UK
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Transference Healing® – Experience a powerful, magical and life-changing healing.

Transference Healing® is a 7th dimensional frequency healing and ascension process that is advanced, multi-dimensional, works with the lightbody and creates alchemy. It is transformational, creating deep cellular healing, wellness, spiritual growth and empowerment.

Transference Healing® supports you to:
– Embody the Goddess
– Empower yourself
– Create transformation and positive changes in your life paving the way for you to discover your True Destiny & Purpose.
– Achieve internal growth and ascend on your path
– Attain more balance, harmony and enlightenment in your life.

Are you:
– Feeling Stuck?
– Wanting to make changes but you don’t know how?
– Feeling drained and exhausted and wishing you had more energy?
– Wanting to be creative and achieve something with more Divine Purpose in your life?
– Needing to feel more balanced and aligned?

Transference Healing® is a 7th dimensional frequency healing and ascension process. It is suitable for all ages, conditions and illnesses. It is an effective healing process than be received stand-alone or in combination with more traditional healing methods.

During a healing session, no physical contact is required. A Transference Healing can be taken place in person by distance.

Healing tools utilised in Transference Healing® include:
– Colour and sound waves
– Crystal and vibrational Lightbody Kit essences
– The elements (ether, earth, water, air, fire)
– Alchemy symbols and planetary energies
– Crystal energies
– Templates, masters and rays
– Shamanic healing

Available Healings:
– Child of Light FREE 30 minute introductory healing session (suitable for adults & children)

– Beyond Doorways Level 1 Healing
(1 hour appointment)

– A full Transference Healing® session including Advanced Level Transference Healing® (2 hour appointment)

Which healing is best for you?
A Child of Light healing supports the anchoring of the 5th Dimensional Earth and Crystalline Grid into the body. It assists you to integrate stellar/light and crystal frequencies supporting you to feel balanced and nourished by the crystal elements, align with the Earth and awaken to a heightened level of consciousness. This is offered as a free session and is a great introduction to experiencing Transference Healing®.

A Beyond Doorways Level 1 healing is a powerful session that will help you to maintain balance, raise your frequency and clear your energies. This healing will provide you with clarity and enlightenment as you take a step closer to personal empowerment.

A full Transference healing is an incredible session that works to provide overall wellness and support your ongoing spiritual growth journey. It is more in-depth helping you to gain greater clarity and delve into deeper levels of your patterning.

If you have any questions or would like to book a session, please contact me.
Melissa Habibi


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Address Frodsham, Cheshire West and Chester WA6 6TP, UK