Nicole Riccardi - Complementary Therapy in London, Canary Wharf

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AquaVibe Operator – An AquaVibe operator takes you through a bespoke programme tailored to your needs allowing your to induces deep mind and body relaxation. The Session is experienced by lying on a vibroacoustic dry flotation device which induces total mind and body relaxation. Your mind will be exposed and susceptible to many frequencies including binaural beats and pure harmonic tones. The AquaVibe taps into your unconscious mind, clearing blockages and allowing access to the right hemisphere which contains your creative centre heightening the ability to drive creativity. The Benefits of the AquaVibe – Reduces the effects of stress – Reduces Pain – Reduces anxiety and depression – Calms and soothes restless behavior – Builds confidence and self esteem – Promotes muscle tone – Improve creative thinking – Develops sensory awareness – Improves breathing – Helps reduce blood pressure – Promotes a sense of well being. This session will be held at the 20:20 Healing Arts Centre in Can

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