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Bioenergy Workout: learn to control your personal energy – APR/MAY – The Bioenergy Workout is a fun yet informative 3-hour practical workshop. Students perform a series of diverse bioenergetic exercises to help master their personal energies, one of the key ways to maintain equilibrium, become more self-aware, identify and overcome emotional imbalances, maintain psychic self-defence, unlock their potential, and develop their parapsychism. No Pre-requisites! During the workout, an experienced instructor will first guide students through a series of foundational exercises, gradually building the complexity level as the class progresses. Students learn to move, absorb, and donate energy, and apply techniques to develop their sensitivity and perceptions, including a clairvoyance exercise. YOU WILL LEARN: To identify your personal energetic psychic signals. To apply the most effective energetic self-defence technique known. AND MORE!! Dates: 24/04/2014 and 14/05/2014 Price: £35 in advance; £50 within 2 days of the event; FREE for IAC members

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