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Intensive Consciousness Development Program Course – 16-19 May 2014 – The Consciousness Development Programme (CDP) is IAC’s main curricular course and is delivered in four modules over forty hours. The course is designed to gradually introduce subjects such as energies, paranormal phenomena, the cycle of successive lives, and altered states of consciousness. It is interactive and students are encouraged to raise questions regarding subjects that interest them. The CDP includes practical exercises using established methods to support students’ efforts to sense and master bioenergy and guided attempts to provoke lucid out-of-body experiences (OBEs) using a variety of especially developed techniques. Participants can verify the ideas presented through their own experiences. The CDP addresses topics related to everyday experience using tools that help students to deal pragmatically with the common challenges of daily life. It also allows individuals to expand their parapsychic awareness and develop their energetic self-defense and wellbeing.

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