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Reflexology – A Reflexologist applies gentle pressure to specific reflex points and can detect any imbalance in the body through the feet. By working these reflex points, we can help release blockages in the body and can help restore balance and increase energy flow. Reflexology assists the body in healing by helping to balance all the body systems, stimulating an underactive area and calming an overactive one. The therapy encourages the body to work naturally to restore its own healthy balance. It is non-invasive, drug free and may help to treat the root causes of many health concerns and not just the symptoms. Reflexology can be used to support pregnancy, labour and the post-natal period. It may help to bring relief from our stressful and hectic lifestyles and to restore the body to health. You can be very healthy and still benefit from reflexology. Reflexology is a wonderfully relaxing therapy that many people use for stress busting relaxation alone.

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