Daska Hatton - Craniosacral Therapy in London

W11 1DP
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Daska Hatton | Craniosacral Therapist – Do you suffer from insomnia, digestive disorders, hypersensitivity, panic attacks? Are you tired of feeling exhausted, rundown, and stressed all the time? These are all part of the physical effects of stress. Stress in itself is not necessarily a problem. What matters is simply how we deal with it, how we are resourced or how we learn to either resource ourselves to mitigate the harmful side effects, or conversely, how we learn to be helpless in the face of stress or allow it to become an habitual state. I work with the Alexander Technique to show you how to use your body with less tension to regain a sense of freedom and with Craniosacral Therapy to allow a much needed sense of stillness and quietness within. Craniosacral Therapy is one of the most effective methods of reducing stress. Through the lightest of touches you may start to feel your body unwind and begin to be able to release long standing patterns of tension.

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