Crystal Healing in UK (Distance Healings available to all UK & International)

Frodsham, Cheshire West and Chester WA6 6TP, UK
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Crystal Healing by Child of Gaia® – A powerful and transformational healing utilising crystals.

All distance healings are available to take place by telephone, Skype or Facetime within the UK and internationally.

Distance healings are equally as powerful as when done in person. All the healings i provide are energetic and work on the etheric body (which is connected to all the dimensions of the body; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). By distance, you receive no less than you would in person.

About the Crystal Healing:

Receive a powerful healing from the rejuvenating frequencies of crystals.

Crystals have the power to heal, shift and clear negative energy and distortions from the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and etheric bodies.

When placed on the body, crystals will balance, purify, nourish and replenish our anatomy and cells.

Their frequency allows us to access higher worlds and beings so that we can open our hearts and feel truly blessed and loved. Crystals are perfect for ascension. When utilised, they help us to release deep karmic issues and trauma’s held in our body so that we can clear and shift on a cellular level.

During a healing I am guided by your Higher Self to place the crystals as you need. I am then directed to work with specific crystals individually, to unblock and rebalance the chakra’s and assist the body in clearing and releasing the distortions and blockages.

My aim is to create positive change and transformation in all the healings i do. I assist you with clearing and purifying negativity and blocks physically, emotionally,mentally and spiritually so that you can make the positive shift you need to move forward in your life. I also aim to create pure balance and alignment within your body so that you can heal.

The session will start with a consultation to discuss your needs for a healing, i will then run the healing which you will relax and receive from your location. Once finished I will call you back to discuss what i worked with, aiming to give you clarity and insight with regards to any physical/emotional/mental ailments and your spiritual path.

For more information on my services you can see my website.


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Address Frodsham, Cheshire West and Chester WA6 6TP, UK