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Soul Retrieval – When we suffer a trauma, be it small or major, a part of our soul, a part of our essence leaves our body and that is our way to cope or survive. Part of being human is having this adaptation mechanism for our survival. That part of us, our essence or life force, has the ability to live in other dimensions because we are, by nature, multidimensional beings. When soul lost occurs, we are left with a feeling that something is missing but we are not quite sure what that is. Sometimes it is a sense of not being here, not being present, sometimes it is a sense of confusion, not being able to have clarity or direction, sometimes it is being stuck in enacting suffering and pain. Childhood trauma is also a very common reason for needing a soul retrieval. The Spirit helpers will tell us what parts need to come back. When a healing takes place at a soul level, when the re-union takes place, very often, it has an effect in all other levels. Soul retrieval, although very simple, is one of

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