Clare Glennon - Healing in Oxford

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Metatronic Healing – Who is Metatron and what is Metatronic Healing? Metatron is an angel said to be the angel of Divine Presence _ peace that passes all understanding. He is an Archangel, and he holds the blueprint for our spiritual journey, in that as a result of his work as a human, he ascended directly to sit at the right hand of the Divine. He has been described as our “older spiritual brother” who knows precisely where we are and what we need to fulfill our spiritual potential. Metatronic Healing is the method that has evolved since Metatron first communicated with Pippa Merivale _ the founder. His promise was that this method of healing would “lift the story from the body’s cellular memory” and return us to our original spiritual nature. What is the three day Foundation Course? The Metatronic Healing training begins with this first course _ The Foundation Course. In it you are introduced, through Attunements and Transmissions, to Metatron’s seven essential healing energies.