Aquido Limited - Colonic Hydrotherapy in Birmingham

B18 6LE
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Colonic Irrigation Birmingham by Aquido – Aquido is a nurse led clinic in the Jewellery Quarter Birminghm. Registered Health Professionals provide Colonic Irrigation / Colon Hydrotherapy, Diabetes Care, Obesity Management and Cardio Vascular checks. Colonics have a detoxing effect and are effective in treating constipation, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), wind and bloating. The intestines, namely the enteric nervous system, are your ‘second brain’. 90% of the body’s serotonin is stored in your intestines. Serotonin is responsible for emotions of wellbeing and happiness. When you unblock your colon using Colon Hydrotherapy, feelings of being sad, down or stressed can be replaced with happiness and feeling ‘free’. Aquido is open late and on weekends including Sundays. Parking is available on street and in the car park across the road. Please call 01215725415 or book online on : Colonic Irrigation Birmingham by Aquido

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Address B18 6LE