Allison Maltby - Kinesiology in Norwich

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Optimum Health Balance Kinesiology – Optimum Health Balance Kinesiology is a tailor made treatment specific to your needs. Kinesiology enables the body to heal itself. By releassing patterns held in the body, balance is restored and energy levels increase. Kinesiology uses safe, simple and precise muscle testing to identify and release deeply held patterns that hold you back and affect your health. Optimum Health Balance Kinesiology incorporates the Eastern philosophy of acupuncture, chakras and meridians, with the Western approach to health, physiology and anatomy. Optimum Health Balance Kinesiology is a type of Kinesiology which uses symbols called icons. This allows the body to have a ‘conversation’ and tell its story without saying a word. Kinesiology is a gentle, non invasive, yet powerful treatment that gets to the core of the problems that cause ill health. I offer a complete approach to health and well being on all levels.I work holistically to empower you to help yourself to health.

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