Allison Maltby - Bowen in Norwich

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Bowen 4 Health – The Bowen Technique is a gentle, effective, yet powerful treatment that enables the body to heal itself. It is a relaxing hands-on therapy that aims to relieve tension and reduce pain. The practitioner uses thumbs or fingers to make a series of precise, rolling type moves over muscle. Light pressure is used and there is no heavy physical manipulation. During the treatment there are a series of short breaks to allow the body to respond to the moves. The breaks are integral to the Bowen Technique and allows the body to make adjustments. This helps to re-balance the body and restore physical integrity. The Bowen Technique can be performed fully clothed through light clothing or directly on the skin. It is usually conducted lying down on a couch. The Bowen Technique is a therapy that everyone can benefit from. It is suitable for adults and children, including newborn babies and the elderly. Sports people use it to help maintain and increase performance, whilst mi

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