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Jeffrey Allen Duality Reviews & User Testimonials

Been feeling a greater connection to my value and worth
“I finished the 8th Week of Duality Training. I have been feeling a greater connection to my value and worth. I have been assertively expressing my desires and permissions to my personal space much, much more. Appreciate all the cheering on and the sharing going on here. Feels safe, comforting and nurturing. I have a lot to go yet, checking all the bonuses out and doing the additional mediations for Week 8.” ~ Mary Riitano

I feel on a deep level that I am free to be the fullest
1. I have ceased to lie awake at night feeling angry, fearful and at war with the world. With the Permission Rose meditation, I feel on a deep level that I am free to be the fullest, most glorious expression of myself, and that I am loved and supported by God/Goddess/The Universe, and that this is true for everyone else as well.
2. I manifested the most amazing business coach on the planet
3. I have developed my own screenwriters/healthy mindset online course that embodies a number of the tools and techniques that I learned in the Duality course.” ~ Kim M. Brantley

My relationships are improving. I am no longer “victim” in situations
“This is the great thing about Jeffrey, the way, the mode, the structure and the depth of his classes are exceptional!
Well, I’ve worked with energy myself for a couple of years now. With Duality, I have simple reached a higher level, i.e., deeper insights.
In my personal life, my degree of awareness has risen considerably. […] My relationships are improving. I am no longer “victim” in situations. Controlling the way my chakras interact has brought such an increase of independence. The quality of my relationships is rising constantly.” ~ Pia Graf

Duality is full of wisdom, beauty and healing
“The insights about how energy works are absolute life changing and the tools Jeffrey shares are powerful, highly effective and simple to implement into daily life.
Jeffrey Allen teaches in a very grounded, calm and sensitive way and it’s so much fun to go through the program. Jeffrey is a true and amazing healer.
What a gift to the world.” ~ Lolita Aufmuth

Testimonials source: Mindvalley Website