How to Define Your Life with Strength and Swagger with Jane Wilson


If we are to be truly honest and candid, then this interview with Jane Wilson will be the epitome of Honest Conversations.

With professional experience in pole dancing and striptease, Jane is a perfect person to dive deep into sexuality – a topic both very important and almost universally shunned.

We talk about the nature of sexuality – where does it stem from?
We talk about drawing strength and power from one’s sexuality.
We talk about expressions of sexuality – is it only appropriate in your bedroom or could you take it into a professional setting?
We talk about unwanted attention and how to deal with it.
And we have some really amazing, honest and deep questions from our audience.

Listen to our chat and do share if you feel yourself sexy and attractive, do you use your sexuality outside your bedroom and leave some love for my guest by dropping a heart in the comments.

About my guest:
Jane Wilson is an author, a founder of PoleFit Nation,  speaker, two time Canadian Pole Fitness Masters Champion ’15/’18

Jane has taught over 10,000 people to feel strong, bold, and confident. As a former owner of PoleFit Nation, she spent over a decade teaching pole, fitness and heels dance classes while encouraging women to flip their hair, bang their heels, and love their curves.

With her vivacious and honest manner, she shares how to make time for play and handle any obstacle with grace.

She is a Canadian Pole Fitness Masters Champion and has been featured in Canadian Living and on Cityline.

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