Honest conversations with Kristina Paider


In this episode of Honest Conversations, my guest, Kristina Paider, will invite you to look at your life as if it was a Hollywood blockbuster.

– If you were to write the script to your own life, what kind of twist would you give it to be truly exciting?
– Which of the hero archetypes would be a perfect character for your part?
– And which of the famous actors would play your part in this movie?

We recorded this episode at the beginning of the second wave of lockdowns across Europe and this conversation came at the best time possible. Join us in this conversation and add some light, sparkle and excitement into your, possibly grounded or quarantined, life.

About my guest:
Kristina Paider is a world-class marketer and storyteller. Her company, The Hollywood Approach, is a platform that leverages the art and neuroscience of story to help people accelerate results in their business and life.

Kristina Paider’s executive track record includes overseeing the marketing and research for a $10 billion global hotel advisory company and prior to that, two hotel tech companies, all while moonlighting as a screenwriter. Her crime-thriller script is in the works. Her book is out. She travels by motorcycle, jumps into waterfalls and is a guest chocolate chef.

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