Ep. 07 Supercharge Your Workout Results with Simone De La Rue | Keep It Simple, Sexy!


If you’re not getting the results you want from your workouts—or you’re so bored that you keep falling off track—you’ll want to tune in today.

I’m talking with Simone De La Rue, founder of Body By Simone, a workout that combines dance cardio, rebounding, and resistance training to deliver results fast. (I’ve personally been to plenty of her classes and have seen the results for myself!)

After a successful dance career performing on Broadway, London’s West End and in her native Australia, Simone made a natural transition to the fitness and wellness industry, becoming a certified trainer, pre- and postnatal specialist, and certified Life Coach. Oscar® and Grammy® winners, supermodels, and moms all turn to Body By Simone for the most meaningful, joyful, and sustainable results. (You may also recognize Simone from her work on E! Network’s Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian!)

In today’s episode, you’ll learn:
Why every celebrity practices the BBS method—and why dance cardio is such an effective fitness (and anti-aging) tool
Why emotional and mental fitness are essential to achieving our physical goals
How Simone’s workouts and training techniques evolved after having a child
How to link your nutrition to your workouts in order to reach your goals
Simone’s tips for women who keep falling off the workout bandwagon—and those who seem to be doing everything right but not getting results

Learn More: simonedelarue.com
Instagram: @simonedelarue.official and @bodybysimone
Workout App: bodybysimone.com

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