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For a struggle-free way to lose weight without cutting carbs, check out Ronan Diego’s FREE Masterclass. He’ll guide you through building a healthy and safe Intermittent Fasting practice ?

Do you want to try the easiest and most effective technique to lose weight? ?

Well, start by not cutting carbs or changing your diet at all. As our head of health and fitness, Ronan Diego, says in this video, studies show that Intermittent Fasting is among the easiest and most effective ways when searching for how to improve your metabolism and how to lose weight fast.

The Intermittent Fasting results are excellent! Studies recorded people losing up to 30 pounds (13kg) just by having their breakfasts a little later and their dinner time a little earlier. Watch the entire video for more health tips and discover how to build an Intermittent Fasting practice that adapts to your body, mind, and lifestyle ??.

About Ronan Diego de Oliveira:

? Ronan Oliveira is an international trainer, speaker, and Mindvalley’s in-house health and fitness expert. His specialty is designing optimal science-based protocols that create quantum leaps in human wellness.

? Ronan is an in-demand collaborator for world-leading fitness experts like Ben and Michael Breus. He is also the creator of many of Mindvalley’s bestselling health and fitness protocols, including 10x Fitness and the 28-day Intermittent Fasting Challenge with over 10,000 participants worldwide.

? Intermittent fasting is one of Ronan’s key practices. His fasting journey began years ago with a fundamental mistake: he would fast to compensate for periods of binge eating. But while this approach did trigger some weight loss, it also fuelled his unhealthy eating habits.

? Ronan soon realized this wasn’t a problem with fasting itself but rather the way he approached it. Because while he was addressing when he was eating, he wasn’t looking into the what, how, how much, or why.

? This breakthrough inspired Ronan to explore the science of fasting – and how the human mind can be harnessed to elevate fasting into a far more effective, struggle-free, and enjoyable process for optimal wellness.

About the Masterclass “How To Build Your Intermittent Fasting Practice For Mind & Body:”

What You’ll Learn

? Why the standard approach to intermittent fasting fails most people: If you’ve listened to the average blog or social media guru, you may have been fasting the wrong way. Discover what’s missing from the common approach to fasting and why most people can’t stick to it or get optimal results.

? The 5 most stubborn myths about fasting: Have you ever been told that fasting is difficult or dangerous? Unhealthy for women? Or that it leaves you starving all the time? Uncover the truths behind the myths, and never fall for the lies again.

? The best and easiest way to fast for astonishingly effective weight loss: Find out how many hours, how often, and what you should avoid doing during your fast to burn fat quickly, sustainably, safely, and without starvation or suffering.

? How to fast your way to a longer lifespan and regain your youthfulness: Apply this simple, scientifically proven tweak to your fasting routine to add years to your life, turn back the clock on premature aging, and look and feel younger than ever.

? Pinpointing your personal fasting sweet spot: Learn how to adjust your fasting window accurately to fit any outcome you want, like weight loss, mental clarity, or longevity. You’ll never again fast longer than you need to or be worried if you’re fasting enough.

? How to use fasting to supercharge your workouts: Some people believe fasting reduces the benefits of exercise. Not only is this scientifically inaccurate – but by following these steps, fasting can even be used to increase your gains, multiply your benefits, and burn more fat with each workout.

? Struggling to stay disciplined? Use this ingenious mind hack to stay on track: Many people find it hard to be disciplined and consistent with their fasting practice – especially when life gets overwhelming or stressful. This simple psychological trick solves that problem forever.

? The secret beverage that dramatically amplifies the benefits of fasting (not water): It’s a drink countless people love – and you’ll love it, even more when you discover how it increases your fat cell burning potential and helps speed up your body’s regenerative processes.

? You’ll emerge from this Masterclass with a whole new understanding of intermittent fasting. And you’ll know exactly how to start using this practice the right way to transform all your markers of health: mind, body, and soul.

Enjoy the best results of a solid and personalized Intermittent Fasting practice, from weight loss to longevity. Check out Ronan’s brand new Masterclass here now ?

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