Aldi & Paul McKenna Sprouts Hypnosis


There’s no sprout about it – we’re a nation divided when it comes to the humble Christmas vegetable. But not for much longer.

This Christmas, we’ve enlisted the help of renowned hypnotist Paul McKenna to create the world’s first mass online hypnosis, with the aim of converting the nation’s 15 million sprout haters into lovers.

Using mind over matter techniques, McKenna aims to eradicate sprout fears and phobias, and make sure that this year, no veggie gets left sprout in the cold.

Will you be part of the movement?

#SaveOurSprouts #SproutHater #SproutLover

• By viewing this video, you are agreeing to undergo hypnosis and/or hypnotherapy.
• You understand that your participation in this activity is entirely at your risk.
• We offer no guarantees on success rates, outcomes or results. Individual results will vary.
• Do not watch this video whilst driving or operating heavy machinery, or if you suffer from epilepsy.
• If you have any concerns relating to your participation, you should seek professional or specialist advice from your doctor or relevant healthcare professional before agreeing to participate.

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