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Keane hypnoptherapy – I became interested in hypnosis when I was on holiday in Tenerife and saw a stage hypnosis show which some of my friends took part in and because I knew them I knew that they weren’t faking. About two weeks after coming back from holiday I saw and advert in the newspaper about an NLP course with Paul McKenna and decided to attend because I knew Paul McKenna was a hypnotist but had never heard of NLP I didnt even know what NLP stood for I just thought it must be something like Hypnosis because Paul Mckenna was a hypnotist. After this I decided to study more about hypnosis but couldn’t afford to pay the thousands of pounds it takes to go on training courses so I whent on to the internet and joined lots of hypnosis forums and read books that were recommended on courses recomended reading lists and on the forums and bought video courses and home study courses and did this for about three years before going on a some one and two day hypno

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