Sarah Eley - Hypnotherapy in Harrogate

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Hypnotherapy in Harrogate for stress, anxiety, phobia, weight and smoking issues – Trained, qualified, caring hypnotherapist in Harrogate. I provide relief from problems with weight, smoking, unwanted habits, anxiety and stress. My clients come to my treatment room from Harrogate and further afield. As someone who benefited from life-changing hypnotherapy in the past, I help people change their lives permanently through positive, modern, proven techniques. I focus on finding solutions to existing problems so clients can move on, rather than delving into the past, unless there are issues that haven’t been dealt with. Hypnotherapy is now an established mainstream discipline. No longer the province of ‘alternative’ individuals, all kinds of people use hypnotherapy – professionals, managers, craftsmen and women, sports people and musicians, manual workers, students and youngsters. What can hypnotherapy treat? Hypnotherapy can be used to treat all conditions where physical responses are linked to the mind. For example – panic attacks, stress, skin and digestive

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