Gill Webb - Bodywork in Bournemouth

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Thai Foot & Leg Massage – Thai Foot & Leg Massage sessions are both relaxing and revitalizing. Thai massage/Thai yoga massage has been used in Thailand for centuries. It is related to Ayurvedic principles and is believed to have arrived in Thailand from India, at about the same time as Buddhism. It is often considered as an energy therapy because of the flow of energy being encouraged between specific points of the body. Thai massage works with 10 main sen (energy meridians), although it is believed there are 72,000 energy meridians flowing throughout the body. By working with the energy the aim is to stimulate areas which may be tired and depleted, and to calm down areas which are “hyper”. The therapist who has trained in full body Thai massage techniques may work the whole body in sessions which can vary from 90 minutes to 5 hours, depending on the desired outcome. Thai foot (and leg), Thai hand (and arm) and Thai face massage can be used independently of each other or combined. Unlike Reflexology, th

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