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Indian Head & Shoulders Massage – Indian Head and Shoulders Massage is relaxing and revitalizing. It’s been used in India for over a thousand years and now, in the West, this treatment has become increasingly popular too. Its benefits are being appreciated as an ever growing number of people are experiencing relief from conditions such as tension headaches, stress, eyestrain, muscular aches and pains and insomnia. Plus, many even notice a marked improvement in the condition of their hair. It’s a very flexible treatment as it is traditionally carried out with the recipient sat down on a chair and the massage is performed through the clothes. This is without oils for most of the treatment, with the optional application of oils to add benefit to the hair whilst working on the scalp. This has made it a very popular treatment at venues such as Holistic Fairs and in the workplace. It has become more and more popular in Spas too, where it also lends itself to the client lying undressed on a couch and oils being applie

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