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Reflexology – How does it feel? Reflexology is a very pleasant therapy which involves mostly feet. The foot reflexes which correspond to various body organs get gently manipulated mostly with thumbs and fingers. When a reflex is pressed, you may feel twinge in the part of the body it corresponds to. The main goal of Reflexology is to restore balance in the body, realign the body systems, promote the unimpeded energy flow. This leads to deep relaxation, and it is not uncommon to even fall asleep during the session. Benefits Deep relaxation of the body and mind Restores balance of all the whole body Raised energy levels Improves sleep Helps eliminate tension and anxiety Helps with headaches, migraines, Clearing of sinuses Promotes hormone balance Helps with digestive problems Improves circulation Restores health and vitality Helps deal effectively with stress and related problems. The treatment normally lasts for 1 hour. Please refer to our website for more information.

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