Earth Angel School of Healing

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Crystal Healing Diploma – (N.B. All modules need to be completed to gain the qualification)
Course Content
Module 1 History of Crystals Crystallography Choosing, Cleansing & Re-Charging Crystals What is healing Quartz the Master Crystal Energy work Grounding to Mother Earth Attuning to the Divine Centering the self Introduction to the Chakra System

Module 2 Introduction Subtle Bodies (aura) Chakra cleansing techniques Dowsing Working with pendulums Scanning and cleansing the energy system Etheric body healing Distant healing 1st Aid with crystals Balancing the energies Colour healing Crystal wands Meditation & relaxation

Module 3 Chakra repairing Psychic surgery Chakra cord cleaning Hook removal Crystal grids Elemental nets Clearing and cleansing ancestral cords Crystals & Sound Crystal elixirs Earth healing Crystal reflexology

Module 4 Aligning the subtle bodies Healing addiction Working with Mental health issues Meridians Clearing earth bound spiri


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